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Winddriven has been a mainstay of Lincoln City for almost 25 years. Dealing in just about everything fun to do with the outdoors, we are well-known for our dedication to quality and making our loyal customers happy! We know more than a few people who have been coming back to us for many years!

Our (Literal) Family

We're a Family-run business. Mom literally came up to us one day after she took ownership of the place and was like "I need you to come play with toys", and we were all like "Yay!", but then we were bamboozled into doing actual work.

Fortunately we still get to play with toys and all sorts of fun stuff so thats pretty neat.

Our Winddriven Store, originally one of the Catch The Wind stores (an old chain of kite stores all up and down the coast), has been in Lincoln City for over 25 years, and In that time a lot of kites have crossed through. Like so many kites. Like a kite-pocalypse. They were everywhere. We lost track.

Our Depoe Bay store isn't nearly as old, but has been around for a few years and many people have come in and got blindsided by the huge amounts of color in the store.

Mom is an interesting character, you probably know her as Leslie. Taylor and August, her smart-mouth kids, and Greg, her big teddybear of a son-in-law, are all here too. More traveled folks know Marianne, the original owner, but she has retired to take care of her husband.

Jameson, her grandson, is probably going to get bamboozled into playing with toys when he grows up, too.

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