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UPDATE: 3/3/2024

We've unfortunately had to sideline the online store indefinitely, as we have been dealing with too much outside of the website and online to dedicate too much time to it.

That does not mean the website will be going away, oh contraire. We intend to make it a very usable resource for our store, to include information about us, our products, and for guides to everything, from buying, setting up and flying kites, to taking care of banners and flags so that they give you the best possible life of service.

This, fortunately, will be much easier to do in the short term. We plan to put up videos detailing a lot of this for ease of information (since I know a lot of people do not have the time to read the giant paragraphs I am often want to type up, and for those who learn better visually), as well as provide our own opinions on various products that we offer; as we try and keep products for all levels of knowledge/expertise/need, obviously we will help differentiate what we feel is best for your own situation, as everyones situation is different.

And of course, last but not least, you are certainly still welcome to use the website to contact us; we are always paying attention to contact forms and questions levied at us about anything and everything. You can always ask us anything you want, and we do mean anything. But keep in mind; that doesn't mean we have the answer you want to hear, or even one at all.

Again we thank you for all the patience, understanding, and help you have given us over the years while we set up finally getting into the 21st Century; we've always been an old-fashioned kind of store, for a properly old-fashioned kind of experience, but that hasn't been without it's drawbacks (like an out-of-date point-of-sale system that was probably last updated in the late 90's, though fortunately we've rectified that). The website is just one more facet of that, but fortunately the technological age has given us a lot of opportunity to do a variety of different things with our presence, and we intend to use it.

We'll see you at the beach, and happy flying!

Commonly Asked Questions And Concerns
It's Incomplete!

We plan to constantly add to the website and increase it's functionality, of course. This will not be an overnight process due to the fact that we seem to be perennially busy, but we will be keeping you all notified of any and all updates we are planning or currently implementing.

As usual, you are free to contact us with questions or comments regarding this, or anything else about the store for that matter; we take feedback for all facets of the business.

Can You Still Do Shipments?

We have always done phone orders long before a website was ever even a consideration, and now is no exception. Now you can email us instead, because phones are cumbersome things. The Mom still prefers phones, though, for some reason.

Our Galleries are not super extensive, but we will be adding more to them over time, as well as eventually providing more extensive information and guides to our various products across our store.

As always, if you see something in the store you are interested in, take a picture of it. We'll most likely know what you're talking about when you call us asking about it, but just to be sure, a picture helps.

Is It Best To Contact You On The Website?

It most certainly is easier, for you AND us! 

Depending on when you submit a contact form, such as during the Summer Months or exceptionally busy holidays, it may take a day or so to get back to you, but we're always watching for your inquiries.

You are still more than welcome to contact us by phone if that is what you prefer.

What Is In Store For The Future?

In The next few months we plan to make some videos showcasing the setup and flying of 2-line kites.


In addition to that, we also want to put up buying guides for not just kites, but all of our products; though we will not have a store in the foreseeable future, we do still want to make planning your purchases, either from us or anywhere, as seamless and effortless as possible. Everything from gift guides for holidays to preventative care for spinners and hardware for the longest life possible out of your stuff.

We already utilize the Contact and Communication forms often and will continue doing so, while also finding ways to make it a bit easier and faster to reach us, as we cannot always be in the shop/office for everyone in all timezones.

We also plan to try and put up announcements for shorter-term things such as weather closures or emergencies that may be foisted upon us that would affect your ability to come to our store or communicate with us.

We would also love to implement a local delivery service for those who need something delivered within the county, as well as a potential set-up service in the future.

Regardless we will be keeping everyone posted.

We Thank Everyone Who Has Had Patience With Us And Helped Us With This Website!

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