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UPDATE: 2/26/2023

Well as usual that Hard Date didn't work out, but we're putting in the store as we speak. The Site is mostly usable, if rather bare, and we are on it every single day. We are mostly working on the store and information pages for everything, as well as making the site a bit more accessible and easier to read and use. We'll also decorate it a bit more with the help of a kinda-sorta local artist named Dosypoo so it'll be a little less drab.

In the meantime we put up a rudimentary Kite Buying Guide for anyone curious about first starting out into the kiting adventure, as it is definitely getting into that time of year for kite flying.

As well, we are busy getting in orders from all our big companies, and will be stocked full of all our usual fun and exciting things in the coming weeks. By the end of April we should be ready for Summer, so keep checking back for updates on stock.

As usual, thank you everyone for your patience. It's been rocky but we're in the process of steamrolling it now.

It's New!

I'm certain no one would have guessed. Dont be afraid to use our contact form if you see anything we could add or do differently, or even something you might like yourself that would be a great idea.

It's Incomplete!

Of course, it's a work-in-progress and it will have a lot added to it in the coming weeks and months.

The framework for store functionality is in place but we need confirmation by The Boss on what exactly to put on the website, so this might take a bit of time.

That is in addition to the ongoing stock and supply chain issues meaning that, while we can get stock, it is very inconsistent.

Can You Still Do Shipments?

We have always done phone orders long before a website was ever even a consideration, and now is no exception. Now you can email us instead, because phones are cumbersome things.

We can still do phone orders though because The Mom prefers it for some reason.

Our Galleries are not super extensive, but we will be adding a bit more to them before the store goes up so you can ask us about anything you see, or anything you remember from visiting our stores.

Is It Best To Contact You On The Website?

It most certainly is easier, for you AND us!

Seeing as we are getting into the middle of summer, our big busy season, responses might take a day or so, but we do try our best to get back to everyone.

You are still more than welcome to contact us by phone if that is what you prefer.

What Is In Store For The Future?

Aside from a full-fledged store, we'll have a search engine put in once that is up. Facebook is already linked (and it's likely you already saw that).

We are also going to be keeping track of current local events around the county and various things you might be interested in.

We hope to have more in-depth walk-through for our store, maybe even a 360-Degree walk-around, but we'll see about that.

Regardless we will be keeping everyone posted.

We Thank Everyone Who Has Had Patience With Us And Helped Us With This Website!

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