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Looking for something simple yet elegant? Eye-catching yet subdued? You want each piece to be unique and hand-made?


Well perhaps these wonderful wall discs are for you!


Created by Ancient Graffiti, these wonderful decorative pieces are great for anywhere you could want them! Above the mantle, in a hallway, accenting a dining room, overlooking a guest bedroom, Inside, outside . . .


These Wall Discs, like almost everything from Ancient Graffiti, are hand-made out of recycled materials in India! Anything they can find; derelect cars, ships, barrels, old structures, anything and everything that has what they need and they'll turn it back around into art!


- Like all decorative pieces, we recommend you measure the space you intend to put it to make certain it will fit; because it doesn't matter how pretty it is, if it doesn't fit you aren't going to like it!


- Keep in mind that while these metal pieces are long-lasting and weather-resistant, if you live in a windy area, or are thinking of putting them outside in a spot the wind hits hard, they can move around quite a bit from the wind, and can dismount themselves, banging into things around them, potentially causing damage, so be certain to take into account how they are mounted and the location!

Decorative Metal Wall Discs

  • Materials: Metal

  • Dimensions

    Small - Width: 12" / 30.5cm, Depth: 2" / 5cm

    Large - Width: 24" / 61cm, Depth: 3" / 7.5cm

  • Mounting Method: Mounted Triangle Hook

  • Recycled Materials

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