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This unique-looking hanging spinner can add a bit of color and pizazz to a yard, porch, or any outdoor area! Built with durable fiberglass frames and fade-resistant ripstop polyester for years of enjoyment! Watch out though because Neighbors are going to ask about it constantly. Ask us how we know.


- Good in Low to High wind speeds

- We recommend gluing the end cap on after assembly, unless you need to disassemble it for storage

- Windsocks and other hanging decorations can become damaged if left out in higher winds or if put in a place where they may impact other objects around them, and rougher objects like wood and other spinners can start fraying and shredding your windsock very quickly. For a longer life for your product, we recommend making certain the hanging decoration is clear of other objects around it while it is blowing in the wind.


See our Guide about Taking Care Of Fabric Spinners to keep it looking it's best for many years!


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  • Materials: Ripstop Polyester

  • Dimensions

    Width: 16" / 40cm

    Length: 30" / 75cm

  • Recommended Wind Speed: 5-25mph / 8-40km/h

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