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H.Q.'s introductory Quad Kite, this fellow will provide an easy and simple method for getting into the Quad-Line Kite world!


Please read below for information:


- Comes with everything needed to fly (no extra purchase necessary).


- We recommend you familiarize yourself with Quad-Line Kites before purchasing; Quad-Line kites can be a bit challenging for even seasoned Two-Line kite fliers, as it adds an entire new dimension of control for the kite, and their control and wind requirements can be very restricting. Conversely if you are in Lincoln City you are more than free to stop on by and we can give you instructions and information about Quad-Line Kites, and point you towards resources and references that can assist you.

- A word of caution; as with all of our kites, care should be taken when determining if the conditions for flying are appropriate. You do not need a lot of wind to fly the vast majority of kites; a steady 5-15mph is the ideal wind range, and anything above that can potentially damage kites, or cause unwanted or erratic behavior. Please see our Kites Information Page for more information for safe flying and handling of kites.

H.Q. Easy Quad Quad-Line Kite

Out of Stock
  • Materials: Ripstop Polyester, 4mm Hybrid Frame

  • Dimensions

    Width: 64" / 162cm

    Length: 28" / 72cm

  • Included Lineset: 110lb / 50kp, 4x 65' / 20m

    Dyneema, Quad Handles

  • Rated Wind Speed: 6-28mph / 10-45km/h

  • Ages: 12+

  • Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

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