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Tall, moving wind sculptures that will look great in your yard all year round! And Light Up!


Made from sturdy metal and built with sealed bearings, these pieces can be put out just about anywhere any time of year, and when they spin they have lights that add quite a bit of visual appeal! No batteries or solar setup required!


They have sturdy prongs on the bottom that poke into the ground, so make certain that you have solid soil, as they are top-heavy and have the potential to tip over should heavy winds be an issue in your area!

Light-Up Kinetic Tower Spinners

$175.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price

    • Stands between 5' and 7' at their tallest 
    • Assembly Required, but they are not difficult, and come with whatever tool is required to put them together if any are applicable
    • Will do better if not on the coast due to the fact salt does not like metal things; will do fine functionally short-term, but accelerated wear will result
    • While they will last for many years with little maintenance, they will of course last much longer if additional care is performed on them, such as occasional cleaning and perhaps periodic lubrication of the bearings
    • Light-Up models do not require batteries or a Solar setup, however they require the sculpture to be spinning at a certain RPM before they activate
    • Light-Up models may not be as visually distinguished during bright periods, as the lights may be washed out, or when the wind is very low, which may not spin the blades enough to activate the lights

    As with all things at our store, we rarely have problems. Which is exactly why we have been able to stand by all of our things for over 20 years and continue doing so. We typically check everything before it goes out the door to make certain to avoid hassle, considering that the vast majority of our customers do not live nearby us.

    That being said, obviously there will always be an issue or problem at some point or another, and we will gladly take the time to see what we can do to assist should you find yourself dissatisfied or with a problem of some sort.

    For concerns, questions or comments, you can contact us at:

    Phone: 541-996-5483


    Or you can of course stop on into our store.

    Do not be afraid to ask anything at all!


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