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Do you hate those plain-looking downspouts on your gutters? Do you wish you could make it a bit more visually interesting, with something that doesn't look out-of-place or too flashy, but yet still catches some attention? Then perhaps we have the thing you are looking for!


These Lily rainchains, like almost everything from Ancient Graffiti, are hand-made out of recycled materials in India! Anything they can find; derelect cars, ships, barrels, old structures, anything and everything that has what they need and they'll turn it back around into art!


- Rainchains come at the standard downspout length of 8' (give or take a few inches based n style) and come with a V-Hook for easy mounting into standard-fitted rain gutters


- Take note of the type of downspout you have, as not all are the same, and may not work with the V-Hook adaptor; you may have to modify the gutter opening depending on this


- We recommend measuring the place in which you plan to put the chain; for instance, if it is as a downspout replacement, make certain it will fit properly and not hang too short or too long to reach the ground


- Keep in mind that while these metal pieces are long-lasting and weather-resistant, if you live in a windy area, or are thinking of putting them in a spot the wind hits hard, they can move around quite a bit from the wind, and can bang into things around them, potentially causing damage, or at the very least making not-pleasant noise; we recommend anchoring them from the bottom if at all possible to keep them from swaying around (many models come with loops on the bottom for just such a thing)

Lily Rainchain

  • Materials: Metal

  • Dimensions

    Width: 3" / 7.5cm

    Length: 96" / 244cm

  • Mounting Method: V-Hook Included

  • Recycled Materials

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