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Does your kid show an inclination for musical aspirations, but you dont want them to get them an expensive piece of equipment that may end up in the attic, or worse, destroyed? Maybe our Little Tin Drum can fit the bill!


Drums are one of the oldest and most ubiquitous musical isntruments in the world; every culture and country has some version of a drum in their history! What better way to get your kids enthralled with music than something so simple and easy to learn? It's a great gift for kids you dont have to go home with at the end of the day!


- Clear drum heads

- Has two plastic sticks

- Nylon strap with a "Break-Away" feature

- Has balls inside that bounce around from the accoustic percussions!

Little Tin Drum

Out of Stock
  • Materials: Metal, Plastic

  • Ages: 3+

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