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These lovely, ornate saucers are designed to attach to the bottom of our downspout replacement rainchains to help anchor them and prevent erosion of the soil or ground around the downspout area!


Comes in two varieties.


These Rain Chain Receptacles, like almost everything from Ancient Graffiti, are hand-made out of recycled materials in India! Anything they can find; derelect cars, ships, barrels, old structures, anything and everything that has what they need and they'll turn it back around into art!


Rain Chain Receptacle

  • Materials: Metal

  • Dimensions

    Smooth - Width: 13" / 33cm, Depth: 3" / 7.5cm

    Leafed - Width: 19" / 48.5cm, Depth: 3" / 7.5cm

  • Recycled Materials

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