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Do you like metal art? Subdued things that stand out but dont clash with your surrounding garden? Stuff you can put outside and not have to think about regardless of the weather?


Well we have exactly what you are looking for!


These fancy balancing fellows will gladly sit out in some of the most heinous weather without a care in the world; we would know, we've tested them ourselves; if mounted properly, no wind will ever knock them over! Unless it's something like a Tornado or Hurricane. In which case we do not believe you will be concerned with a little lawn ornament. The only thing that truly affects them is the salt from being right next to the ocean, which we would hope you dont have to worry about unless you are actually on the ocean!


However; due to their nature, while they do bob, weave, and flap around, they require a decent amount of wind to actually do much, and may only be a pleasant-looking stationary sculpture in a calm yard.


- Some assembly required, but no tools needed


- Good in Low to Very High wind speeds


- Much of our metal art has large prongs on the bottom for sticking into soil. While the Kinetic art itself is typically durable and capable of standing up to abuse, many of them are top heavy and can potentially tip over if your soil is very thin and weak if in conjunction with higher winds.

Rocker Stakes Balance Art

  • Materials: Metal

  • Dimensions:

    Width: 10" /  25.5cm

    Length: 54.5" / 140.5cm


  • Recommended Wind Speed: 5-50mph / 8-80km/h

  • Stand Method: 2-Prong Metal Stake

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