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These silly little resin guys will add a touch of fantasy and whimsicalness to your yard! Birds will absolutely use them and eat from them, as they do not see the faces like we do. Make certain to put it in a place where they can find it, however!


While they look very convincingly like they are made of wood, they are in fact a resin mold. And while that may not be "Authentic" to some people, that does mean they will last a lot longer with far less care and maintenance compared to wood, which requires quite a bit of attention to keep it looking it's best outside in the elements for many years. They are a great for people who dont want to add even more upkeep to a beautiful yard!

Tree Face Bird Feeders

  • Materials: Resin, Metal Keyhole Brackets

  • Dimensions

    Width: "10 / 25.5cm, Length: 12" / 30.5cm

  • Mounting Method: Metal Keyhold Brackets

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