Store Hours
Winddriven: 11-4, Closed Tuesdays
Zephyrus: 11-4, Closed Wed/Thurs

Alright, we've had a few inquiries about what our hours are going to be going into Winter (and a few complaints because we have had to close for a few things without a lot of advanced notice), so we'll be setting it out right here:

We are going to be switching back to Winter Hours (11am-4pm) most likely at the end of September/October sometime. Additionally, we will be taking Tuesdays off for Winddriven, and Wednesdays/Thursdays off for Zephyrus.


Normally we are open every single day of the year besides Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, but with how busy we have been and the amount of work that needs to be done, both in-shop and at home, we require something to give a little; we are solely a family-run business and as such our workforce is limited, on top of the fact the past year and a half has been extremely hectic and far busier than any other year in recent memory. We do not like closing down any days besides the ones we know everyone else will also be closed on, but we are starting to burn out and it is showing. We are staggering the days off initially so that even with one store closed the other will be open to assist with business that people may have with us.

In addition, over the coming months we will be having vacations and may have shop closures related to that, mostly pertaining to Zephyrus being closed for the month of November. Winddriven will still be open but there may be a week or two that we use to take off while we travel a bit.

We appreciate your understanding and we also appreciate the people who do not make a massive deal about it and shame us because we haven't had any time to ourselves since all this insanity started.